Raiiden is a clean energy research and development company. Raiiden’s proprietary technology harness ambient energy, much like geothermal energy and solar photovoltaic panels which respectively use the earth internal core heat and solar radiation, and converts it into electricity. Raiiden’s device, the electromagnetic energy converter (“EEC”), relies on the ambient electromagnetic (“EM”) fields to produce electricity.

Independent experts previously validated that the Raiiden technology is able to produce a coefficient of performance (“COP”) of up to 11.4x (ie. 1 unit of input energy produces up to 11.4 units of output) at up to 1,500W net power output. The EEC has been successfully tested with no indications of human health hazards and appears to successfully operate in all typical building enclosures without interference (c.f. mobile phones operating indoors). The device is relatively compact with, for example, a unit with ~ 600-1,500W output expected to fit within a volume of circa 0.5 m3 and weighs ~less than 30kg.

The photovoltaic technology has substantially impacted global energy industries over the years and has grown exponentially in its outreach. It is expected that the EEC will impact and revolutionize energy production in a similar fashion. In particular, because Raiiden’s technology holds several key advantages over all the current renewable energy sources such as solar energy. In particular, the EEC’s simplicity of deployment, its low cost of production/maintenance, and its capacity to continuously produce electricity unlike solar panels, which rely on daylight for instance.

In June 2018 Raiiden will begin its proof of concept in collaboration with Energy Research Institute at the Nanyang Technology University in Singapore. Concurrently, Raiiden is applying for patents to broadly cover all aspects of this revolutionary technology.

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