Jay Leong

Managing Partner

Jay has over 20 years of experience in banking and financial derivatives markets (fixed income and commodities). He served as managing partner at Laveron Twin Asset Management, an investment and advisory company focussed on principal investment, family office fund management, financing activities and M&A deals.

Previously, Jay worked at Standard Chartered Bank, first as the regional head of FX structuring in Hong Kong, and then as global head of commodities structuring in Singapore. More recently, Jay fulfilled the roles of managing director and head of global markets, co-heading the Singapore wholesale banking division. Jay has worked in various positions at Calyon, Deutsche Bank, Citibank and Salomon Smith Barney, and is a director on the board of Tanzanite International, a real estate venture based in Vietnam. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science by the University of Texas, and received his MBA from the University of Houston.


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